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    What's Happening at BCNS?

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    School is off to a great start and the children are developing friendships, exploring our beach and ocean theme and learning school routines.  Our fabulous Social chairs kicked off with a fun Fall potluck at Fay Bainbridge and Mom's Night Out at Sweet Deal was a fabulous success.   *** Be sure to "like" BCNS on Facebook to keep up with photos, info, and great early childhood articles ***                                                        
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Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School (BCNS) provides a balanced environment of structured learning and exploratory play for children between the ages of three and five. Our school creates an atmosphere that affirms the importance of every child and encourages the creative exploration of the physical world, interpersonal relationships and new ideas. Your child will explore and discover their independence and gain self-esteem through their accomplishments.

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  • September at BCNS!
            What a great start to the school year so far! We are enjoying getting to know the new children and becoming reacquainted with the many returning faces. In addition to getting to know each other and our school routines, we are also exploring topics related to seashores, shells, and boats this month. The children have a natural curiosity - as well as a lot of preexisting knowledge - about these topics thanks to... Read more...