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Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School (BCNS) provides a balanced environment of structured learning and exploratory play for children between the ages of three and five. Our school creates an atmosphere that affirms the importance of every child and encourages the creative exploration of the physical world, interpersonal relationships and new ideas. Your child will explore and discover their independence and gain self-esteem through their accomplishments.

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  • February at BCNS
               Family and friendship are the primary themes during the month of February and we celebrate Valentine's day with our annual Pajama Day / pancake feast!  Nighttime Opposites When the sun goes down and the moon goes up, And our bellies are full and fed, My family says to me so softly/loudly, “It’s time to go to bed!”   I put my favorite jammies on, My left slipper, then my right,... Read more...