November at BCNS

by on Nov 11, 2013 at 06:48PM

A Fire Truck visit!  What an exciting way to start the month and our new community helpers theme.  The dramatic play area is set up as a veterinarian's office, and the children are learning about helpers in our Bainbridge Island community.  The afternoon class is taking some fun field trips to the police station, post office and Town and Country Market!  If any of you have a profession you would like to come in and tell the preschoolers about, please let your child’s teacher know.   


Towards the end of November we will be learning about different forms of transportation…planes, trains and buses!  Right before the Thanksgiving holiday we will be making a class version of “Stone Soup” to illustrate giving and sharing.  More to come in the weekly updates about the item your child can bring to school to add to the class soup.