December at BCNS

by on Dec 08, 2013 at 10:40AM
The classroom is sparkling with lights!  We have a real Christmas tree the children can decorate and the dramatic play area has become Santa's workshop!  Such a magical time of year! 
This month we are learning about some winter holiday traditions.  We read a story about Hanukkah and played the dreidel game.  The children learned about St. Nicholas Day and even found gold chocolate coins in their shoes!  We are reading many wonderful holiday stories, finger painting trees and creating lots of ornaments!
Friday, December 13th  from 10am-1pm is "Mom/Dad's Day Out"!  Teachers Anita, Kaye and Kari will be at school to provide a fun morning for preschoolers and their potty trained siblings.  All proceeds go directly to the school!
Enjoy this wonderful, magical time of year being together and celebrating your family's unique holiday traditions....