April at BCNS

by on Apr 24, 2014 at 07:34PM

Chick eggs are coming to BCNS! The eggs will incubate right here at our school and, in about 21 days, little chicks will hatch right before our very eyes.  Throughout the month of April we will be learning about habitats, eggs, and animals that hatch from eggs – birds, insects, and frogs to name a few. Our days will be filled with art, songs, stories, and observations inside and outside of the classroom all related to the wonder of springtime animals.  
Speaking of, does anyone have experience with chicken coops? A few years ago, BCNS had a chicken coop in the back of the playground. We are considering putting one in again but would like to talk with someone who has experience with one before we start recruiting people to help with construction. 
We will be putting the art panels together on Thursday, April 24th. There will be no school that day. BCNS art panels are a tradition that has been going on for many, many years. It’s a way to show each student’s artistic growth…and make our school walls come alive with color and design! 
Families are always welcome to come into the school and see the art panels and chicks. Your child would be delighted to show you around. 
Happy Spring