May at BCNS

by on May 10, 2013 at 03:40PM


Spring (or is it summer?) has arrived at our little school!  Hatching chicks Sprouting veggies in our garden beds!  Not to mention the vibrant art panels hanging up around our school.  Our last few weeks of school will be packed with exciting explorations.  The children will be learning about seeds, worms, gardens, and farms - expect some fun projects to come home over the next few weeks.  Our last week of school will be all about celebrating the friendships we have made this school year.  With the continuation of warm weather (crossing our fingers), we will be using our amazing outdoor learning space for fun, messy projects.


Volunteer Opportunities:    Monday, May 20 - making stepping stones with the children (PM)

                                               Thursday, May 24 - making ice cream with the children (AM / PM)

 Important Dates:                  Moms and Dads Day celebration on Wednesday, May 29th

                                                End of Year Picnic - Friday June 7th, Eagledale Park, 4-6pm