June at BCNS

by on Jun 05, 2013 at 02:52PM


It's hard to believe that summer vacation is here. As we prepare to say goodbye, it's important to celebrate the friendships that our children have made throughout the year. Some of these friendships may last well into adulthood! What an exciting thought.

Thank you so much for the overwhelming participation at our Moms/Dads Day celebration. Mom! Dads! Sisters! Brothers! ...and even some Grandparents! The children worked very hard on their special books, songs, and snack for the big day - so thank you for your support and encouragement. It's days like that which make the preschool experience so magical and unforgettable.

Despite it being the end of the year, our little school has still been bursting with exciting explorations and learning. The past few weeks have been filled with:

-making ice cream - the AM class worked with the ice cream maker; the PM class used our crazy dancing skills to shake the ingredients in bags until frozen

- tending to our garden - some veggies were ready to harvest this week; others will be ready for next year

- making shortcake and cutting strawberries for our Moms/Dads Day celebration

creating concrete stepping stones to be used around our schoolyard

...and so much more!

 Have a wonderful summer!