April at BCNS

by on May 06, 2021 at 02:41PM

At BCNS, our usual April theme of rebirth and renewal seems more relevant than ever. This month, all classes will focus on the arrival of new animals, new plants, and changing (very welcomed!) weather. The preschool and Pre-K classes will observe and explore animals that hatch from eggs, their habitats and life cycles. The kindergarten class will read and write about animal structures and behaviors.


Lots of animals hatch from eggs,
Some with fins and some with legs,
Some that chatter, some that cheep,
Some that fly and some that creep.
Some that slither, some that run,
Some with feathers and some with none.
Animal eggs can be quite small,
Or just as big a tennis ball.
The animals here – they’re quite a few,
Hatch from eggs and lay them, too!

Happy Spring!