February at BCNS

by on Feb 19, 2017 at 11:55PM
Love and Friendship is the primary theme during the month of February. In preparation for our Pajama Day, we also explore the concept of opposites particularly day and night. What sounds do you hear during the day? During the night? Can you think of other opposites? Are there any words that you can think of that do not have an opposite? These are all great questions to ask your child.

Nighttime Opposites (by Teacher Kari)

When the sun goes down and the moon goes up,
And our bellies are full and fed,
My family says to me so softly/loudly,
“It’s time to go to bed!”

I put my favorite jammies on,
My left slipper, then my right,
I brush my top and bottom teeth
‘till they sparkle oh so bright!

Then I read a bedtime story,
From the first page to the last,
I close my eyes … then open them,
When another night has passed.

Have a safe mid-winter break filled with wonderful family memories!