February at BCNS

by on Mar 12, 2019 at 08:42PM


Family and friendship are the primary themes during the month of February. Maybe we should have flip-flopped our February and January (snow) theme this year? We hope everyone is enjoying this incredible weather!
In preparation for our Pajama Days, we also focus on day/night and other opposites. Try asking your child a range of questions from easier to harder in order to build confidence and challenge his/her growing mind. For example:
Do you hear birds chirping during the day or night?
What other sounds do you hear during the day? The night?
Why do you think you hear those sounds at that time?
What do you like better – day or night? Why?
Can you think of other opposites?
What would you do if you saw the sun shining in the middle of the night?
Nighttime Opposites
When the sun goes down and the moon goes up,
And our bellies are full and fed,
My family says to me so softly/loudly,
“It’s time to go to bed!”
I put my favorite jammies on,
My left slipper, then my right,
I brush my top and bottom teeth
‘till they sparkle oh so bright!
Then I read a bedtime story,
From the first page to the last,
I close my eyes … then open them,
When another night has passed.