January at BCNS

by on Jan 14, 2017 at 11:34PM

Happy New Year - the gumdrop tree is blooming! This is a magical tree that only blooms at BCNS…and only in January. Each day, the children are invited to pick a gumdrop off the tree and share a special wish they have. As you can probably imagine, some of these wishes can be very entertaining!
Gumdrop Tree (by Teacher Kari) 
We have a little gumdrop tree
Its flowers are so sweet,
First, I make a special wish
Then I choose a piece to eat.
Which color shall I choose today?
Green, pink, white, or blue?
How does the gumdrop tree keep blooming?
And will my wish come true?

We also begin our storytelling unit in January. Nursery rhymes are favorites and are also ideal for learning about story sequencing (beginning, middle, and end), characters, and setting. Both classes will be writing their own stories and sharing them at our Special Shows.