January at BCNS

by on Feb 04, 2020 at 07:29PM


Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful winter vacation with lots of happy memories. 

In January, we focus on the change of seasons, how those seasons look in our little corner of the world, and what tools we need to stay safe and comfortable. Mother nature has already provided us with plenty of opportunities for exploration this year – from the snow to the wind to the torrential downpours…it’s all been great food for thought when you’re in preschool!

The gumdrop tree is (finally!) blooming as well. This is a magical tree that only blooms at BCNS…and only in January. Each day, the children are invited to pick a gumdrop off the tree and share a special wish they have. As you can probably imagine, some of these wishes are very entertaining.

Gumdrop Tree (by Teacher Kari)

We have a little gumdrop tree,

Its flowers are so sweet,

First, I make a special wish,

Then I choose a piece to eat.

Which color shall I choose today?

Green, pink, white, or blue?

How does the gumdrop tree keep blooming?

And will my wish come true?