May at BCNS

by on Jun 05, 2021 at 02:33PM


This is the last full month of school for the 2020-2021 school year.  As this “anything but typical” school year winds to a close, we reflect on how grateful we are for this year of in-person, outdoor school. We made it through the smoke in the fall, wind and rain of winter, and we are moving into spring with a greater appreciation for playing and creating through almost anything Mother Nature serves up. We are happy to have built so many memories with our BCNS friends. 

Our May studies will take advantage of our outdoor space that naturally creates hands-on learning experiences. Preschool students will study frogs and butterflies. The PreK class will explore insects, butterflies, and gardens. The Kindergarten children will focus on seeds and flowers. 

We’ve learned to look beyond the masks to see the smiles in the children’s eyes. The joy of learning through art and play is contagious! 


What Smiles Can Do

A smile is quite a funny thing,
It wrinkles up your face,
And when it's gone, you never find
Its secret hiding place.

But far more wonderful it is
To see what smiles can do;
You smile at one, he smiles at you,
And so one smile makes two.

He smiles at someone since you smiled,
And then that one smiles back;
And that one smiles, until in truth
You fail in keeping track.

Now since a smile can do great good
By cheering hearts of care,
Let's smile and smile, and not forget
That smiles go everywhere!