presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and votes in case of tie.  Consults regularly with BCNS staff.  Advises officers and committees. Represents school in the community.  Presides over annual budget meeting and discuss staffing needs and teachers’ contracts with Board of Directors. Contacts prospective Board members.

Fundraising/Marketing Chair(s)

(1 from each class)

coordinates and manages all fundraising events, with support of the fundraising committee and all families.   Markets the events including fliers, press releases, social media, etc.

Property Maintenance Chair

organizes the back-to-school work party. Coordinates maintenance work and other jobs as directed by Board.


keeps minutes at meetings and distributes to Board members.  Maintains records and keeps working procedures up-to-date.  Prepares and publishes monthly newsletter.


handles accounts payable and accounts receivable via QuickBooks. Provides monthly financial report to Board of Directors.  Notifies parents of overdue tuition.

Social Chair(s)

1 from each class

coordinates family social events outside of classroom.  This usually includes the back-to-school potluck, end of the year party, and possibly mid-year gatherings