BCNS is a cooperative, which means our parents work together to govern the school, maintain the buildings, and support the staff and program. Parent participation in the classroom is welcomed, but not required. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication and collaboration of its parent community, BCNS has become a local Island treasure, celebrating 50 years in 2013!  During this time, over 1,500 families have helped maintain our quaint building and distinctive play yard, which is nestled in the woods near the ferry and the downtown Winslow community.  Since 1963, parent volunteers have supported and handed down a program dedicated to “learning through art and play.”  Our parents find it very rewarding to work together as stewards of the school.

The cooperative structure is also an exciting opportunity to build community with parents and our wonderful staff.  Many special friendships are made among the children and the grown-ups alike!


Member Responsibilities

There are many ways to participate in the co-op community. Whether you chose to serve on a committee or participate on the Board of Directors, you can tailor your cooperative experience to suit the needs of your family.  No effort is too small! 

BCNS member responsibilities are listed below. Classroom participation is always welcome but not required.

  • Serve on a Committee or serve on the Board of Directors throughout the school year.  Every effort is made to assign each family one of their top three choices. 
  • Participate in a half-day back to school work party to assist with the maintenance of the building and play yard.
  • Participate in a school fundraiser, which help keep monthly tuition costs down and make BCNS affordable for families.



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