"I could spend paragraphs detailing the wonderment of BCNS. I could rave about the school philosophy and incredible teachers, who are not only brilliant with the children, but also caring and supportive of parents.  I could describe the warmness of the building & how my entire family feels not just welcomed, but at home. I could gush over the families we've met, the connections we've made & the community that BCNS builds. But what all these things lead to, is my son. At BCNS he has gained confidence and a healthy self esteem. He is excited about learning. He is excited to be at school. He loves his teachers. He uses the social strategies and tools taught at BCNS, and has brought  them home, eager to use them with the whole family. Seeing your child thrive in a school setting, well, there's just nothing quite like it."                                      - Laura Lewis (incoming President 2017-2018)

"I'm excited to be part of such an enthusiastic and supportive community built around our children. The sweet annual traditions and comforting daily routine are among the things I personally love most about BCNS. But, within that foundation, there is abundant space for flexibility, the school being a cooperative.  The character of the school changes each year with its roster of families - BCNS is OUR school!"            - Janice Huang (Board President 2014-2016)

"BCNS is an island treasure.  Our daughter, who is a BCNS alumni, speaks fondly of the gumdrop tree that blossoms only in January, Souris the mouse, and all of the enriching activities the preschool has to offer.  The teachers are warm and welcoming, class size is small, and the school is surrounded by trees and nature trails yet conveniently located in downtown Winslow.  I highly recommend BCNS."               -Marina Giameous (island resident since 1977)

"My grandson LOVES BCNS. It is such a wonderful program and he is thriving.  Our family so appreciates the care, learning experience, and friendships he has through BCNS."      - Debbi Lester
"Colin, you're going to have the nicest teachers next year, you're going to love it here!!"
                                                   - Caleb (age 4) to his brother (age 3)
"The end of Pre-K is making me feel a bit sentimental.  Looking at these pictures make me feel so fortunate that my son was a part of this exceptional group of kids and teachers.  Everyone seemed to get along so well together and my son said yesterday that he wanted to do Pre-K again because he has so much fun (not happening of course!).  We love BCNS!"                             - Alexandra Schilf
"The whole feel of BCNS, relaxed but effective process of communication, balance of events and fundraising, activities for the kids and families.. it's all perfect.  We really appreciate it all and are so glad to be a part of it :-) "       - Tracy Shulman